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Информация о пользователе:
Дневник пользователя: "FLOOD TODAY"

Дискуссии пользователя

ИмяCrazy Flooder
Дата создания2006-10-10 10:32:34
Адрес электронной почты  скрыт от всех
ПолНе указан

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Последние записи в дневнике:
German states agree PC, phone Internet license fee Crazy Flooder 20 октября 2006 г. 14:39:20
Reuters says that Germany's 16 states agreed on Thursday to introduce from January 1 a license fee of 5.52 euros ($6.94) a month on computers and mobile phones that can access television and radio programs via the Internet. Any household or company that does not already have a license will have to pay the new levy, which is the same as the one currently charged for radio access, state premiers...
October 31 All Life On Earth Will Die Crazy Flooder 16 октября 2006 г. 11:09:32
According to a scientific research, the Homo sapiens will extinguish when a Sun flare thrusts the third planet far enough and a new Ice Age wipes all living creatures out. The scientists plan this for October 31, 2 252 006. Quite soon, heh? Such conclusion came after a geological study by a group Dutch scientists headed by Jen Van Dam. He says that every 2.5mln yrs Earth changes its orbit due to...

Настроение: Awfully bad after all this
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13 Must Have Firefox Extensions for Web Professionals Crazy Flooder 10 октября 2006 г. 10:50:22
Web Standards And Designing For The Future10 tips to make your site load like a rocketI've Been DuggThe 10 commandments of Web DesignFirefox Gains, IE LosesCSS Tips and Tricks Firefox Sidebar + Google IG = Useful on any platformWhat should Firefox do?? I am basically a web designer and I use a lot of tools to get my job done. As of today Firefox remains my favourite browser simply because of the...
:-D Hey, I've got a pretty lot of... Crazy Flooder 10 октября 2006 г. 10:34:37
:-D­ Hey, I've got a pretty lot of mail addresses at various mail providers. So, I think, if anybody is in a similar situation, you may need Jump2Mail. Jump2Mail is a free web-based email retrieval application, check all your email-box from one central place - completely free, from any computer, anywhere in the world. This multi account or multi pop webmail allows you to read all your...
Последние комментарии в дневнике:
RE: October 31 All Life On Earth Will Die King.s Joker 17 октября 2006 г. 11:28:29
Yep, read about this at: http://www.cnn.com/­­2006/TECH/science/1­/11/extinction.mam­ma­ls.reut/index.htm­l By the way, the correct spelling would be Jan van Dam, not "Jen".
RE: October 31 All Life On Earth Will Die King.s Joker 17 октября 2006 г. 10:46:29
That's really funny!!! We all will be dead! Hahaha!
RE: October 31 All Life On Earth Will Die Jacob B. Delderfield 17 октября 2006 г. 10:12:02
Why, it seems funny. What the use to worry about it if we all will be dead that time?
RE: October 31 All Life On Earth Will Die Jacob B. Delderfield 17 октября 2006 г. 10:10:00
Do you believe all this bullshit?
RE: October 31 All Life On Earth Will Die Crazy Flooder 16 октября 2006 г. 12:55:12
Any reasons to send such comments anonymously? X-(­

QAIX > Пользователи > Crazy Flooder

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