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QAIX > Тесты > You and sex. > Статистика

Статистика теста "You and sex."
  1.0.0%From 29 to 30 pts
You are either an old man or an ill one, or, probably, you try to make a false impression.
  2.0.0%From 31 to 35 pts
You have fast moral principles. Your ideal is a solid family, based on love and friendship.
  3.0.0%From 36 to 40 pts
You are unable to commit something foolhardy. Occasional breakdowns torment you. You are created for family life. Your ideal in love is stability, and you are very demanding to your partner.
  4.33.3%From 41 to 50
You are a person of modern looks, not intended to blame anyone. However, your sex life is quite modest.
  5.33.3%from 51 to 55 pts
You have a lot of spare energy. You are young and try to take everything from life, and even more. Sex is an organic need for you.
  6.22.2%from 56 to 60 pts
You often get infatuated, and you feeling may be very deep. An unfortunate love, however, may bring you to a tragedy.
  7.0.0%from 61 to 65 pts
You are dreaming of an ideal woman, but wasting your life on casual affairs. This makes you disappointed in your private life, but that's all your fault as you do have a chance to find something decent.
  8.11.1%from 66 to 70 pts
Once you had a big love which was ruined with all your hopes. You're disappointed. Your life has become orderless. But women love you!
  9.0.0%from 71 to 80 pts
You think you have experienced everything, your disappointment in women has become an item of your bravado, but every new acquaintance revives your hope to the future...
  10.0.0%81 pts and more
You are lecherous, cynical and fed up with your uproarious youth. You are abandoned by your beloved or staying on the verge of divorce. However, you still can fall in love with a woman.
Тест пройден: 9 раз
Автор: King.s Joker. Создан: 25 октября 2006 г. 09:35:42

Категории: For men

QAIX > Тесты > You and sex. > Статистика

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