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среда, 3 сентября 2008 г.
]:-) O:-) :-\ :-* ;-) :-) :-( Гость 12:11:26
 ]:-)­ O:-)­ :-\­ :-*­ ;-)­ :-)­ :-(­
вторник, 2 сентября 2008 г.
Please any one help me regarding PostGreSQL with C++ yuvi 10:02:00
 Hi friends,

I am new to Database PostgreSQL, I wanted to know the basic steps to able to write and execute the C++ program to connece to PostgreSQL database,

I need a help in basic requirements like Library, execution process and API's ( if possible please help me regarding resource links, where can i get these information)
четверг, 28 августа 2008 г.
Then, the rigth documentation should say:"Returns the... Гость 14:46:47
 Then, the rigth documentation should say:

"Returns the smallest non-decimal (or non-fractional) double greater than or equal to the specified double-precision floating-point number."
Hi,To correct this, please check the syntax of the... Гость 05:26:09

To correct this, please check the syntax of the previously modified XML files. Becase, after yo comment out and uncomment, it's likely you accidentally misparsed the files.

Check this out!

вторник, 19 августа 2008 г.
I didnt get anything al last. Гость 14:35:25
 I didnt get anything al last.
воскресенье, 10 августа 2008 г.
I found a way to do this with RTF text. Maybe this will... Гость 18:15:59
 I found a way to do this with RTF text. Maybe this will help others:

// The text run to add
AttributedCharacter­Iterator contents = ...

// The paragraph to add to
Paragraph para = ...

// Font information
Font font = ...

// Detect an RTL text run
boolean isRTL = ! new Bidi( contents ).baseIsLeftToRight­();

// If RTL text, insert some RTF markup directly
if ( isRTL )
RtfDirectContent insertRTL = new RtfDirectContent( "\\rtlch" );
insertRTL.setFont( font );
para.add( insertRTL );

среда, 6 августа 2008 г.
To peter.schober@univi­e.ac.atI agree with you guy. How... Гость 12:09:04
 To peter.schober@univi­e.ac.at

I agree with you guy. How could I trust in a document which doesn't give any credit to anyone ??? :p­

I wrote this guide 3 years ago while I was learning to be... Windows Administrator.

For sure, I am not as skilled as you are...

This document has been written in order to support my final exam. (The jury has not appreciated I worked on a linux oriented project. lol)

Anyway, even if i am not an expert in Web hosting, Apache, Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic, JAVA, JMS, JDN, WAR,JAR,EJB, ANT, Servlets, Applets, MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle, Linux, PAM, NIS, LDAP, Samba, NFS, Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, Networking, IPtables, IPChains, IDS ... Configurations, Bash, Perl, RPM's, RPMbuild, GCC, configure, make, make install ... I am skilled enough to make a system work.

And I never wrote any stupid commands like rm -Rf / in my guide :-)­

Regards, Fabrice.
Is there any system table which contains the number of... Гость 06:47:14
 Is there any system table which contains the number of reads and writes on a table?
вторник, 5 августа 2008 г.
Open the Visual Studio command prompt (or any command... Гость 16:50:50
 Open the Visual Studio command prompt (or any command prompt and navigate to the location of the VS exe 'devenv.exe') and type the following command:

devenv /ResetSkipPkgs
четверг, 31 июля 2008 г.
Get the Concerned tld in place this should work Гость 14:00:18
 Get the Concerned tld in place this should work
среда, 30 июля 2008 г.
lol {censored} rip off of other forums. And rip off... Гость 05:05:40
 lol {censored} rip off of other forums. And rip off merchant can't even spell. "anonimous" indeed.

вторник, 29 июля 2008 г.
Very good. Has resuelto mi problema sobre listas de... Гость 23:13:13
 Very good. Has resuelto mi problema sobre listas de threads.
понедельник, 28 июля 2008 г.
How do I display my table in mssql in netbeans? Гость 14:08:02
 How do I display my table in mssql in netbeans?
вторник, 22 июля 2008 г.
MSHFGrid and number of rows ??? Гость 10:32:31
I have MSHFGrid with 3 cols id,date , name the way it should work is by DblClicking a row would be removed from the MSHFGrid and populate an edit form. up to this point every thing is working fine.
The problems starts when i DblClick any row number 150 and above i get this error massage "Run-time error '3002' Grid does not contain that row"
row number 1 to 149 is ok. Any help would be much appreciated.
понедельник, 21 июля 2008 г.
Use search 22-9795or search SK 84231 Гость 00:51:42
 http://www.mcminome.­com/ Use search 22-9795
or search SK 84231
четверг, 17 июля 2008 г.
Use mechanize Гость 12:00:51
 Use mechanize
Hi,I am working on a plug-in to extension manager of the... Гость 08:51:28

I am working on a plug-in to extension manager of the Lotus Notes client. I have to attach some custom metadata to the attachment of the mail.

Can anybody suggest Notes C/C++ API used to get the metadata content of the attachment and also to add the metadata to the attachments.

среда, 16 июля 2008 г.
what's that? Гость 10:31:33
 what's that?
вторник, 15 июля 2008 г.
sadf:-[ dfasdfas=,B =^B B-) :-$ (:| :-\ ]:-) :-D :-) :-(... Гость 09:13:18
 sadf:-[­ dfasdfas=,B­ =^B­ B-)­ :-$­ (:|­ :-\­ ]:-)­ :-D­ :-)­ :-(­ :-D­ :-P­ :-\­
понедельник, 14 июля 2008 г.
Good questions. I want to know too! Гость 14:49:31
 Good questions. I want to know too!
Public Function GrdColor(YN As Integer, grd As MSFlexGrid)... Гость 06:30:19
 Public Function GrdColor(YN As Integer, grd As MSFlexGrid)
With grd
.CellBackColor = IIf(YN = 1, vbYellow, vbDefault)
.CellForeColor = IIf(YN = 1, vbBlue, vbDefault)
End With
End Function
пятница, 11 июля 2008 г.
I can confirm the Form_Current event "running twice"... Гость 02:35:16
 I can confirm the Form_Current event "running twice" behaviour as described by Bri. It's very frustrating as the RecordCount of the form's recordset can be greater than 0, and the CurrentRecord can also be valid, but any attempt to access a field in the form's recordset produces a "No Current Record" error.
четверг, 10 июля 2008 г.
here the easyest way after you have cinadd this... Гость 15:46:38
 here the easyest way
after you have cin
add this line
then add at the bottom cin.get();
using namespace std;

int main()
cout<<"hello world\n";

ps this is just to show where they go it will not really work
as written
Ontape to disk - getting thousands of "warning previous tape is still mounted" messages SimonB 12:32:11
 Hello all - this is my first post to this forum, so please excuse any faux pa's.

We are currently using onbar on IDS 9.40 but always have problems with at our annual DR exercise, so I am now looking at using ontape and writing to disk. I have written a script to do the actual backup (in background) and another to intercept the requests to "Please mount tape n" from ontape. The scripts seem to work ok, but I'm getting thousands of "warning: previous tape is still mounted!" messages in the log file before my script unlinks the current TAPEDEV setting an links to the next file.

My backup script is doing the following:-

print "Y" > /tmp/ontape.respons­e
ontape -s -L 0 < /tmp/ontape.respons­e

and my intercept script is doing the following:-

COUNT=`grep -c "Please mount tape $NEXTTAPE" $LOGFILE`
if [[ $COUNT -gt 0 ]]
cat /dev/null > $NEXTFILE
chown informix:informix $NEXTFILE
chmod 664 $NEXTFILE
print >> /tmp/ontape.respons­e

Anyone know why I'm getting so many "previous tape is still mounted" messages ? I'm currently only testing this on a small test instance, but am concerned that if I put this onto our live instance (which is several hundred GB) then these messages may fill up a filesystem

Thanks in advance for any help


- Simon

PS. We've upgraded to IDS 10.00 on other servers but I need a solution that will work on all versions of Informix, so can't use the STDIO option in later IDS releases
вторник, 1 июля 2008 г.
a Obe 6 October 2006 11:59:42 I'm moivng over SQL Server... Гость 09:31:32
 a Obe 6 October 2006 11:59:42
I'm moivng over SQL Server 2000 32-bit databases over to SQL Server 2005 64-bit and ran into a small problem.

In the old setup, I had a linked server configuration to a Postgresql server which used the 32-bit driver. In the new setup, the SQL Server 2005 64-bit can't see the 32-bit drivers (unless I run in 32-bit mode) and I don't think its possible for it to since its runing in 64-bit SQL Server. So I'm guessing I need to get a 64-bit PostGreSQL ODBC driver, somehow get the pgsql .NET driver to be seen as an option, or possibly the 32-bit.


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